Timber Elegance

Handcrafted Writing Instruments and Accessories

What I do

While I have worked with wood for most of my life, and I have been crafting writing instruments since 2010. Each of my pens is designed and crafted, by me, in my studio. With access to materials, from vintage to modern, natural and synthetic, each pen is a unique creation. Each pen is fitted with a high quality, German made, Jowo nib. 

I still have a love of wood, so I am also able to create a variety of writing and desk accessories including storage boxes and display stands.

If your interested in a custom creation, just let me know


Fountain Pens
Specials Requests

A little more

Materials I use

Exotic and Domestic wood
Custom mixed Poly Resins
Acrylic Acetate
Bone and Horn
Stainless Steel
Nickel Silver

Things I Make

Fountain Pens
Rollerball Pens
Ballpoint Pens
Calligraphy Holders
Wooden storage and displays
and so much more.


I am a Self taught PenMaker

Graduate of Rosewood Studio
of Fine Woodworking

Career of 26 years in the
Canadian Armed Forces

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